About Us

Aydınonat Friction Products

Company Profile

It was founded by Feridun Fikri Aydınonat in 1976. The main activity of the company is to trade spare parts for heavy machinery. All kinds of spare parts, especially disks and plates of construction machines, are provided quickly by our company.

Our Quality Policy

Providing services in the sale and production of construction equipment spare parts, Aydınonat Yedek Parça San ve Tic. Inc. has adopted the principle of being a leading company in its sector with its reliability and service quality.

The basis of our company's quality policy is to produce and sell the desired quality and quality product with a trade understanding based on trust, which prioritizes customer satisfaction.

Our primary goal in our company's quality policy is customer satisfaction. In this sense, we work with a service approach that considers customer requests and needs at all stages, from the supply of the product to the delivery to the end user. For this reason, we aim to respond to customer problems and complaints as soon as possible.

The participatory staff structure that has adopted the team spirit is one of the most important principles of our quality policy. Our Company, which has grown and developed from the family business culture and attained its corporate identity, has been performing teamwork and solidarity with its employees in the best way since its establishment.

Our senior management takes care to ensure the continuation of the love, respect and trust established over many years among its personnel. By preparing an effective training program for the employees, seminars, courses and in-service trainings are planned to increase their professional knowledge and skills.

In order to ensure the effectiveness and continuity of our Quality Management System, which we have established as a guide in achieving our goals, it is adopted as a principle to carry out control and continuous improvement studies and to provide Quality Management System trainings to our personnel when necessary.

Our Environmental and Occupational Safety Policy

For all kinds of work machines; By determining the OHS and environmental dimensions and effects that occur during the production of our company, which produces and sells discs and plates:

To eliminate or minimize the damage to the environment and people caused by these effects, to take measures to prevent pollution by minimizing the pollution caused by the wastes generated, to create environmental awareness in customers, employees and suppliers, to ensure that OHS and environmental legislation, administrative regulations and legal regulations are in force. To comply with the conditions, to monitor the hazards related to worker health and safety sensitively and to make the necessary effort to minimize them, to work to improve the environmental and OHS awareness of the relevant parties, to respect the environment, to ensure continuous development and to leave a good environment for future generations. Protecting it is our main goal and aim.

We work through every aspect at the planning